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A seasonal dining experience established in 2011. Stagionarsi (stä-jē-ˌōnär-sē) is rooted in the seasons, not just for occurring in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, but also down to its name itself. Stagioni is the Italian word for seasons. You may be familiar with the mason canning jars Quattro Stagioni, meaning four seasons. Stagionarsi takes that root word and turns it into a verb meaning to season, to age, to mature. It is directly relating to food and how food is processed.

I fell in love with Italy back in 2002 when I had the pleasure of traveling there and taking cooking classes where I learned the hidden Tuscan secrets, and so started my early cooking style based in Italian cuisine. It has since evolved, but I wanted these dinning experiences to honor my embarkation as a chef. So when I stumbled upon the word stagionarsi after a string of google searches and found that it was relating to both food and the seasons, I instantly knew that it was the start of something amazing. I knew that some would butcher the name, as Italian is the official language for only 4 countries worldwide, so not the most popular course taught in schools. 

Stagionarsi is often held in Brooklyn, NY, but the beauty of it is that it is fluid. There is no permanent fixture for it and has taken place in multiple spots around Brooklyn, Seattle, Portland, and Boise. It is often quarterly. Guests arrive and are treated to 7 courses, of tasting size portions, with a light wine pairing for each course. The menu is dictated by what ingredients can be found at the local markets. Often only the framework of the menu is presented ahead of time, with the actual coursed items revealed as they are served. Dietary restrictions are easily applied to any event at the guests request. 






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